Greetings from the CEO

Signallink is linking Signal to Value.

Signallink Inc. enhances customer value by improving noise
and vibration quality of customer products..

and welcome to the Signallink Inc. website.

Since our incorporation in June 2000, Signalink Inc. has been engaged in sustained technology development and quality innovation alongside our development and manufacture of noise and vibration meters. As a result, we have been able to substitute noise and vibration meters which were previously 100% reliant on imports. Expanding on the restricted functions and performance of conventional noise and vibration meters, we have introduced applied noise and vibration meter equipment for use in a wide range of applications such machining and assembly quality testing, as well as fault and defect diagnostics using noise and vibration signals.

Our products can be used to perform time and frequency domain tests under a variety of testing conditions, and are equipped with a flexible interface and databases for use in sampling and total testing applications. They come with a broad range of testing functions and powerful post-processing functions to help improve customer product quality.

We at Signallink Inc. are committed to maintaining a proactive stance toward the escalating pace of change in the business environment. By continuing our development and commercialization of a wide range of applied measuring equipment based on our expert engineering know-how in noise and vibrations, we will continue to help customers improve the quality of their products, and thereby contribute to the progress of our society and country.

Thank you.