[Notice] Wireless Smart Vibration Sensor Data Trend Application Launch



 Wireless Smart Vibration Sensor Data Trend Application Launch




signallink is Last February, unlike traditional vibration sensors, data collection devices, and central monitoring systems, by the mobile-phone of anyone can easily and efficiently manage the mechanical abnormalities of their core facilities due to vibration signals. It has developed and newly launched wireless smart vibration sensor & smartphone app, a built-in vibration monitoring replica watch uk

Wireless Smart Vibration Sensor (SVS # 40) has been used to develop wireless smart vibration sensor data trend to better manage vibration of key mechanical installations that play an important role in various manufacturing environments.


Data Trend Application can view time signal and FFT processed result in real time through Bluetooth communication with Smart Vibration Sensor, and up to four Smart Vibration sensors can be connected.

With the data analysis function, you can access each inspection code from the graph at the bottom to view the trend of a particular result, making it ideal for vibration monitoring.



[Data Trend Application Main Screen]




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